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Brand Name: WRWR(橡胶制品)

DIY Supplies: Woodworking

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: Duct tape

Type: Tape

is_customized: Yes

Tape Type: Duct Tape

Certification: RoHS

Length: 10M/20M/50M

Color: 6 colors available

Feature 1: Cloth Duct Tape

Feature 2: Strong Cloth Duct Tape

Feature 3: Waterproof Duct Tape

Feature 4: Repair Tape

Feature 5: Repair Duct Tape

Feature 6: Traceless Bundle Adhesive Tape

Feature 7: Traceless Adhesive Tape

Choice: yes

semi_Choice: yes

Strong Cloth Duct Tape Tent Waterproof Repair Tape Luggage Traceless Bundle Adhesive Tapes Carpet Fixed Writable Special Tape


The cloth-based tape is made of polyethylene and gauze fiber as the base material, coated with high-viscosity glue on one side, and has the characteristics of oil resistance, aging resistance, temperature resistance and water resistance


Colored cloth tape can not only be used in carpet splicing and edge sealing, but also can be applied to carton sealing. Binding of heavy objects, waterproof packaging, area division and other areas. At present, it is frequently used in the automobile industry, paper industry, electromechanical industry, and daily household life, and it is also used in places with good waterproof measures such as automobile cabs, chassis, and cabinets; at the same time, the high viscosity and rich colors of the cloth tape are also used. Some craft enthusiasts bring the joy of refurbishing items and DIY decorations.

1. Strong viscosity, white latex on the rubber surface

2. The surface of the tape can be written, ballpoint pen, water-based pen, etc.

3. Can be torn by hand, the tape is difficult to pull off, and it is easy to tear

4. Wide application range, fixed edge of carpet, package and package, object seal, winding water pipe and exhaust pipe

Material: Polyethylene

Color: as shown (optional)

Size: length 10m, width 45mm

Package Included:
1 roll  *   tape

Strong Cloth Duct Tape Tent Waterproof Repair Tape Luggage Traceless Bundle

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